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Kirkby Thore School

Aim High

School Improvement

The headteacher, staff and governing body have identified that as a school we need to have a high expectation of basic standards, which we feel needs to improve across the school. This includes expectations of neat work in books, as well as high expectations of wearing smart school uniform - including tucked in shirts, correct trousers and clean clothing. We are all working together to improve this, as set out below:


The children of Kirkby Thore Primary School will:

  • Wear the school uniform with pride. 
Write the date on the top line.
•Write the learning objective underneath and underline both neatly, using a ruler.
Use my best handwriting at all times in every subject.
Make sure I listen carefully in lessons and do the task correctly.
Represent the school positively and always set a good example.
When given words – spell them correctly in their own work.
Punctuate correctly.
The children provided and agreed to all of these points. 
Staff will:
Regularly mark the work in accordance with our marking policy.
Provide engaging lessons, including the resources needed for a successful lesson.
Set high expectations and ensure children adhere to them. 
Lead their classes by example. 
We would like parents to:
Insist on high standards of writing when completing homework.
Ensure children complete their work with a sharp pencil, unless instructed to do otherwise. 
Ask us if there's anything you need to help your child complete their homework successfully. 



Marking and feedback policy

We welcome children from the term after they turn 3 for up to 30 hours a week. Explore our website for more information or email