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At Kirkby Thore we follow an exciting, project based curriculum, incorporating children's and staffs' interests into a structured rolling programme. We believe children should be exposed to the outdoors, therefore we often use our fantastic grounds combined with educational visits locally and further afield. 


Due to our class structures, we have split the learning into 2 main rolling programmes. Robins and Starlings class join forces in the afternoons to follow a topic rolling programme for EYFS and KS1 and Kingfishers class and Eagles class join together in the afternoons to follow a KS2 rolling programme. In the mornings, literacy links will be made to the topics where relevant.   


We understand that the children lack everyday opportunities to experience diversity, therefore we build it in to our planning. When planning visits, we aim to broaden our children's experiences as much as possible. When planning residentials, we will take children to the City once every 2 years. We also aim to invite in visitors from other cultures to share their experiences with our children. 



Curriculum Statement

Geography Curriculum Statement

REMOTE LEARNING and the curriculum

We welcome children from the term after they turn 3 for up to 30 hours a week. Explore our website for more information or email