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Aim High


This is Florence's Cubism Dog

WOW look how their vegetables have grown well done boys

The boys have all picked out a pet lamb each & put their initials on them with spray marker so they know them . They have been training theirs to come to them - they love it.

Building rafts at home

VE Day windows

They have been working hard today prepping the vegetable patch

Isaac planted some seeds last week, and most of them are starting to show now: peas, courgettes and herbs.

Harry and Robin's seeds they planted are coming through nicely now - they have Green Pea, Tomato & Courgettes from Sue Grainger & also Sweet Peas & Sunflowers which they already had at home.

Happy to collect her seeds and doing a good job planting them

Busy doing her work

How to guide to planting

They have had busy day strawberry and sunflower planting

They have been busy planting tomato plants, radish, courgettes, salad leaves, runner beans, and sunflowers in their green house.

Having fun using Rolo blox and a box

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The boys and been busy beetroot and runner beans planting

Mrs Palmer's sunflowers are growing

Sunflower planting in the sunshine

Vegetable planting

It's time for PE

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Our egg parachute experiment

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Sunflower planting

An Apple for the teacher video

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Look at my Homemade Lava Lamp

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Whole School Village Walk for Sports Relief

World Book Day 2020

Young Voices 2020

Welcome to the gallery! Here's a few examples of what we get up to at school! 
If you need support or know of anyone in the village who is self isolating due to Covid-19 or just needs support at this worrying time please put a message on the Kirkby Thore Memorial Hall & Recreational Field Facebook page. They have a list of volunteers in the village ready to help when they can.