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Welcome to Starlings!



I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself; my name is Rachel Campbell and I am delighted to announce that I am the new teacher for the Starlings class at Kirkby Thore Primary School. 


This will be my first term at the school, having officially started last week. I’ve previously worked in Cumbrian and Lancashire schools, specialising in Early Years and Key Stage 1 year groups. 


I have had the delight of meeting the Starlings class last week, for their first week of the academic year. I am looking forward to meeting you throughout the course of the year. 


Please see some key information for this academic year: 


  • This year, I will teach PE on a Thursday. Please could you ensure all children have their PE kit in school for our Thursday afternoon lesson.  

  • I will keep updating Tapestry with your children’s progress (EYFS).  Additionally, I will include a weekly class update every Monday.  


  • Children will either take home a school reading book or have sounds to work on. Please record in their reading diary if they have worked on their sounds or have been reading at home. If children have three written records in their diaries, they will be entered into the weekly raffle for a prize.  


  • Assemblies are now running again. These will occur on a Monday and a Friday. Each Monday, I will provide a ‘Star of the Week’ certificate for a child who has worked extremely hard the previous week.  


  • Year 1 will receive new spellings on a Wednesday each week. They will then do a spelling quiz on a Friday. Please help your child prepare for their spelling quiz at home. We will also work on their spellings at school during lessons.


  • The first topic that the class will be covering is ‘All About Me’. This will be focusing on learning about what makes us who we are; our physical features and our senses.  


I will be instilling the school’s motto of ‘Aim High’ throughout, whether it be on school work, making friendships, or being part of the school community. 


As a topic starter, I’ll start with a little ‘About Me’. Having grown up in the area, I’m often found walking around the lovely Eden Valley, appreciating all its natural beauty and wildlife. I enjoy art, reading, yoga, and appreciate all areas of performing arts. Alongside my teaching degree, I studied an undergraduate in Drama.  


This year, Mrs Rimmer (Teaching Assistant) and Miss Fisher (Apprentice TA) will also be working with your child in Starlings. 



I’m looking forward to being your child’s teacher this year! 


Kind regards, 


Rachel Campbell 

We offer Nursery spaces starting in September, January and April for 3 year olds. If you would like to reserve a place, please contact the school office. You can also join us on Monday afternoons at 1.30pm for our Stay and Play group. All welcome.